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PSHS CVisC Q2 English 4 The Medieval Period

As we read texts and complete assessment tasks, let us be reminded of these learning outcomes:

  • Recall terms associated with the Medieval Period.
  • Analyze a literary excerpt in the context of the Medieval Period.
  • Retell the specified scene using a different perspective or write an essay about a different perspective on the specified scene.
  • Recall details from given background information.
  • Describe literary characters.
  • Narrate events and experiences of the main character.
  • Define allegory as exemplified in the texts.

Reading Task 1: The Middle Ages (a general overview)

A quick overview of Literature during the Middle Ages
A quick overview of what life was during the Medieval Period

Reading Task 2: The Quarter 2 Texts

Reading Task 3: The Song of Roland

Quick background of the text and where it is in history
A short visual summary of the text

Reading Task 4: Saint Augustine’s Confessions

The life of St. Augustine
Highlights of Confessions

Reading Task 5: Dante’s Inferno

This is one playlist summarizing the whole text. It also provides helpful summary and analysis.

Find other Quarter 2 files here.

PSHS English 4 World Literature

Find our class files here.

Week 5 Formal Correspondence

Step 1 How do we write a formal or business letter? Look into the features discussed in this video.

Step 2 Read the lesson guide on writing formal letters.

Step 3 How do we write an application essay? Focus on the important aspects discussed in this video.

Step 4 What should we always keep in mind when we communicate online? Focus on the tips shared in this video.

Step 5 Read the lesson guide on writing a resume.

Step 6 What should we remember when we prepare our resume? Remember practical tips shared in this video.

Step 8 Start working on your final Quarter 1 Alternative Assessment task. Read the assessment task guide and rubric.