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Thank you, CIS Staff.

An appreciation video by JellSoL


Thank you for this opportunity, CHOCO.

I wish to thank all of these beautiful people.

ALBERT, find inspiration from how you have witnessed me move from being a classroom teacher to being your library trainee.  My life as a teacher librarian has been a learning success mainly through your understanding and support.  Ganbatte, “Sasuke.”

LORY, for all the titles you suggested and see you in Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

LOIDA, for supporting me patiently from receiving my Zalora deliveries to getting my exams organized.

DINAH, for all the crisp bills.

VLAD, for giving me a faster CPU.

LOU, for helping me decide which car loan to get.

Sir LANDO, for introducing me to SCEGA.

Dr EMMA, for inspiring messages via email, in person, or in FaceBook.

Ms D for DINA and Delgado, for always being patient to see me exit twice now.

ARLENE, for helping me when I had Bell’s and when I had those minor asthma attacks.

REINA, for all my pay slips and PAG-IBIG procedures.

NICE, for yummy spring rolls, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and quick snacks.

JOMAR, for catching that author who lives in Talisay.

DERECK, for helping me catch rowdy carpet tiles.

JUSTINE, for helping me get certificates professionally formatted.

KEN, for taking Albert’s seat whenever he is on-leave.

TESSIE, for our Korean drama entitled…

All the SECURITY GUARDS, for helping me keep a smile to survive the last school day countdown.

Strong men of the MAINTENANCE TEAM, for helping me keep my work space safe and clean.

Now, we move on to my teaching buddies.

ROLLY, Twin!  This is it!  See you in your final oral defense.

TED, for extending me once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to retrace my late grandfather’s steps when he was in Hawaii and Japan.

Ms JENNY, for the IB training through the years (from English B to the latest IB Librarianship), for introducing me to the Madrid’s, for being my parent when I was on my own for the first time; symbolized by the tiny spoon and fork you gave me.

RIA, for being my tall and caring surrogate sister.  I will never forget how you introduced us to that grumpy Pit-os principal.

GERRI, for being the patient manager you have always been supporting our WWW program.

ADELA, for reminding me of graduate school life; for being our WWW Drama buddy.

ELAINE, Xiexie, Stranger!  See you online.

KARISSA and CHRIS, for being the most supportive elementary teachers.

Teacher WENG, for all the trinkets through the years.

ACE, for being my “summer buddy” for two years.

D KELLER, I have been missing you, HR buddy.  Take care always.

EMILY, supervising EE has never been a breeze until you came.

Dr BELO, for your listening ears.

RENEE, for sharing my pain in those brief moments of enlightenment.

JESSICA, JACQUI, and MARIA, for helping me with our online summer classes.

MAIKE, for that warm embrace on that gloomy day.  By the way, when are we going to play Scrabble in German?

For everyone else, THANK YOU for the challenges.

I agree with Peter Pan saying no goodbyes and to one of our Preschool darlings telling me… “See YOU later, alligator.”