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PSHS CVisC Q2 English 6: Effective Listening & Speaking

As you go through these learning materials and work on assessment tasks given, please keep these Desired Learning Outcomes in mind:

  • Identify various strategies to remember information; one’s listening style; cultural nuances; the characteristics of a good listener; ways to improve active listening; how to listen critically; and guidelines for empathic listening.
  • Recognize the importance of note-taking skills; cultural differences in listening; and differences in the way men and women listen.
  • Differentiate note-taking methods and listening styles.
  • Define active listening, critical listening, and empathic listening.
  • Apply appropriate recalling strategy in given tasks; the most appropriate note-taking method in given information; the characteristics of becoming a good listener across all genders; and empathic listening skills in a conversation.
  • Create a resolution on improving listening skills.
  • Formulate ways to address cases of poor listening.
  • Evaluate a talk through critical listening.

Reading Task 1: Ten ways your brain reacts to uncertain times

Reading Task 2: Memorization strategies

Reading Task 3: Common note-taking methods

Reading Task 4: Techniques and tips for listening and note-taking

Self-Check: Listening Style Inventory

Reading Task 5: Four listening styles

Reading Task 6: Cultural awareness by listening

This video file is more of a listening task.

Reading Task 7: Sex differences in listening

Please find other Quarter 2 files here.

PSHS English 6 Oral Communication

Our class files are here.

Week 5 Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Richard Lederer’s English is a Crazy Language
Gemma Wells-Cole’s Semiotics for Beginners

Read the lesson material on verbal communication.

Occam’s Semiotics
System of Symbols

Read the lesson material on nonverbal communication.

Buzzle’s Complete List of Human Emotions
Joe Navarro’s The Power of Nonverbal Communication
Lynne Franklin’s Reading Minds Through Body Language

Start working on your final assessment task for this quarter.