Voice Drill Guide – CGC and Triads

A keyboard guide by JellSoL It is time for another voice drill guide.  I hope the first one has helped you master the general progression of triads when we do scales.  This video focuses on C to G back to C movement.  Different choir groups have different sounds or words for these notes.  Please feel free to follow the note progression in this video: C … Continue reading Voice Drill Guide – CGC and Triads

Thank you, CIS Staff.

An appreciation video by JellSoL   Thank you for this opportunity, CHOCO. I wish to thank all of these beautiful people. ALBERT, find inspiration from how you have witnessed me move from being a classroom teacher to being your library trainee.  My life as a teacher librarian has been a learning success mainly through your understanding and support.  Ganbatte, “Sasuke.” LORY, for all the titles … Continue reading Thank you, CIS Staff.