Helping People Win at Work

Meaningful lines from Polvera Publishing and Garry Ridge, New Jersey, 2009 … the well-being and personal growth of the people you’re leading are as important – if not more so – as the goals you seek to achieve.  … we define leading at a higher level as the process of achieving worthwhile results while acting…More


Meaningful lines from possibly first published in 1897 No one but a woman can help a man when he is in trouble of the heart…  A brave man’s hand can speak for itself, it does not even need a woman’s love to hear its music.  More

Nights in Rodanthe

Meaningful lines from Nicholas Sparks Enterprises, Inc., Warner Books, New York, 2002 The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over. Those two elements always go together… The best we can hope for in life is that it doesn’t happen for a long, long time. Young and old, male or female, pretty much…More