The World’s Youngest Boxer

A WBO Champ Candidate Published in our YouTube Channel on 8th of February 2018 Boxing must have grown to be the number one sports in the Philippines since the Filipinos’ national punch Manny Pacquiao held most of the world’s boxing titles for quite a long time.  His success has motivated not only beginning boxers, but also inspired parents to train their children to become like … Continue reading The World’s Youngest Boxer


by Dan Brown (Doubleday, 2017) Here are very interesting lines from this gripping novel: * … had been an insatiable bibliophile—reading everything in sight. * Well, science and religion are not competitors, they’re two different languages trying to tell the same story. There’s room in this world for both. * Everyone respects those who live by a code. * No decisions. No culpability. Just action. After … Continue reading Origin

Tongue Twisters for Singing

Tongue twisters are a fantastic tool that you can use to establish good articulation (so the audience can clearly hear your lyrics) and to help warm up your tongue, lips and mouth before you sing.  They also assist with the development of tongue muscle memory for particular vowel sounds.  For example, if you speak English as a second language and some English consonants are left out of … Continue reading Tongue Twisters for Singing

The White Rose

At times, it is of essence to step back and weigh what one is actually learning. There are lessons that learners accept as facts. But how often does humanity actually learn and understand their histories – the real facts behind facts? Plots have contrived elements that keep readers intrigued; not about knowing characters are meant to succeed, but how they will actually get there – a lesson to inspire anyone to see life through a refreshed perspective. – Dr J Continue reading The White Rose