Dr. J is in!

What should I know about my mentor?  Dr. J (the teacher behind this website) attended school from elementary through graduate studies as a government and as an international scholar.  She has taught and learned with students for almost two decades.  A reading, writing, speaking and presentation coach, and research guide, she has worked with learners (from preschool to graduate school) not only from the Philippines, but from different countries.  She has gained knowledge and experience from an international school system.  Her strengths as an educator lie on open-mindedness, rapport with students, outstanding language and literary skills in English, and being a sincere listener.  She can become your personal editor, research assistant, English language buddy, and learning mentor.  Start your academic adventure with Dr. J now.

In what ways can Dr. J help me?  Dr. J can give you prompt, detailed, and helpful learning guidance and feedback.  Here are services she offers:

Tutoring Services Learn more with Dr. J on-site or via an online learning platform to

  • have one-on-one or small group class,
  • practice speaking English,
  • prepare for presentations, seminars, or workshops,
  • discuss education plans,
  • write project plans,
  • talk about books or current issues,
  • go through the research writing process, and/or
  • work on a creative output.

Editing and Research Services Have Dr. J help you get written assignments polished and completed before given deadlines.  She can help you with

  1. proofreading (including website review and evaluation),
  2. book editing,
  3. thorough editing (focusing on general content flow, syntax, grammar, and how output achieves criteria assessed) of your
    • high school essays and short research reports,
    • the International Baccalaureate (IB) Internal Assessments (IAs), TOK Presentation, TOK Essay, and the Extended Essay,
    • undergraduate essays and research reports,
    • graduate class written output or short research reports,
    • master’s thesis (final draft), and
    • doctor’s thesis or dissertation (final draft), and
  4. curriculum, course module, and/or educational policy consultancy.

How do I contact Dr. J?  For pricing, tutoring schedule, and other related information about how Dr. J can help you learn better, please feel free to contact her via the messaging features of this site.