10 Facts on Rabies

Published by the World Health Organization in September 2017 – http://www.who.int/features/factfiles/rabies/en/ Rabies causes thousands of deaths every year in over 100 countries mostly affecting under-served communities with limited access to health and veterinary systems. Successful rabies control programs comprise of three pillars: community participation; education, public awareness, and access to mass vaccination of dogs; and access to post bite treatment.  Countries are responding to achieve the … Continue reading 10 Facts on Rabies

Tongue Twisters for Singing

Tongue twisters are a fantastic tool that you can use to establish good articulation (so the audience can clearly hear your lyrics) and to help warm up your tongue, lips and mouth before you sing.  They also assist with the development of tongue muscle memory for particular vowel sounds.  For example, if you speak English as a second language and some English consonants are left out of … Continue reading Tongue Twisters for Singing

Hello, 2017!

Remember well those days when problems reigned. On gloomy paths and painful days, they drained Yet strengthened well our will to carry on. Gigantic may the feat that must be drawn, Believe and keep the way that wraps the heart. In faith and hope remain to be a part, Victoriously prepared for every start. * Remember the colors of the rainbow? Seven of them for … Continue reading Hello, 2017!

Why your DNA isn’t your destiny

The new science of epigenetics reveals how the choices you make can change your genes ─ and those of your kids By John Cloud Time Magazine, 18 January 2010 … research showing that conditions in the womb could affect your health not only when you were a fetus but well into adulthood. In 1986, for example, the Lancet published the first two groundbreaking papers showing … Continue reading Why your DNA isn’t your destiny