Different Articles on Linguistics and Language Learning

Here are links to articles about this topic.  Please inform ThruPages if any does not work. [Last link review was 2018-11-08] History of Events in Linguistic Theory Theoretical Bases of Communicative Approaches to Second Language and Testing Constructions: A new theoretical approach to language Linguistic Theory Contrastive Linguistics: Theories and Methods Optimality Theory in Linguistics The Role of Theory in Applied Linguistics Research: A study … Continue reading Different Articles on Linguistics and Language Learning

The Highwayman

HELPFUL LINKS a narrative poem written by Alfred Noyes 01 http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=35635&title=The_Highwayman provides a visual presentation helpful to students having difficulty understanding the plot. 02 http://www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/highwayman/st17.cfm offers definitions of unfamiliar words and highlights figures of speech used in the poem. A stanza is presented per page in pleasingly dark color contrast. 03 http://www.theotherpages.org/poems/noyes01.html#1 is one of those links that give you a complete copy of the … Continue reading The Highwayman