Dick and Carey Model

Week 3 Output EdX Instructional Design Models Video Transcript Step 1: Instructional Goal In an adaptive school, the team must always take the time to ask the question: “Why are we doing this?” In UbD planning, we ask Essential Questions and lay out Enduring Understanding. Step 1 of Dick and Carey can be likened to how successful people always keep the end in mind. Looking … Continue reading Dick and Carey Model

A Course Plan – Using ADDIE and Brain Frames

Week 2 Output (EdX Instructional Design Models) Instead of using mind mapping applications, I chose to complete the given assignment using Brain Frames by the Architects of Learning.  Notice the step by step completion of ADDIE as the main instructional design model used in this thinking map.  Notice how ideas are placed first before their relationships are traced.  I combined here the sequencing and categorizing … Continue reading A Course Plan – Using ADDIE and Brain Frames

A taste of World Literature

To access some of the reading selections I gave my World Literature college students (once upon a time), please check these links. Please feel free to send me a quick comment if an address does NOT work.  [Last link review was completed on 2018-11-08.] African Literature 1. “Black Woman” by Leopold Sedhar Senghor 2. “Telephone Conversation” by Wole Soyinka 3. “The Moment Before the Gun Went Off” by Nadine … Continue reading A taste of World Literature

GRAMMAR HELP – Links from Towson University

I find these pages easy to read and very straightforward. The general layout used and the examples and diagrams given simplify the scope of grammar rules. To review agreement between pronouns and their antecedents To review the use of quotation marks To avoid writing in fragments To avoid shifts To review other grammar rules We extend our thanks to Margaret L. Benner for making these … Continue reading GRAMMAR HELP – Links from Towson University