I fell in love with books when I was only five after my father gave me a thick anthology of literary pieces to read. Not a single page made sense. He asked me to read words out loud. I did not know what they meant. I just wanted to impress him with the effort I put to pronounce words that were all foreign to me. My young mind told me that there must be a great significance out of the seemingly pointless exercise. That moment became the very seed of the strong tree that has led me to different “leaves.”

I still remember happily receiving the new copy of Nancy Drew from a classmate who was always willing to share her new acquisitions. Years that follow saw me reading almost anything I found interesting. It did not come a surprise when Literature classes in college grabbed my focus. It continued to lure me until I found myself working on Comparative Literature to complete my master’s degree. Playing with words started to become a resolute core when I labored on writing 50 sonnets to complete my doctor’s thesis.

This site is dedicated for the love of reading. Lines from books are reminders of meaningful ideas worth keeping within reach. They reflect the subtleties of the literary elements comprising masterpieces. Through the entries available here, I thank all the geniuses behind all the books that have helped me see the beauty of being alive.

Jell SoL, 15 January 2012