Voice Drill Guide

Please email me the name of any singer you know who does not do the octaves or voice drill before any performance.  Every smart and experienced singer knows its importance.  I even know of storytellers, presenters, and teachers who do the octaves before their speaking engagement.  One can browse the Internet for reasons experts share about the importance of these vocal exercises.  This video is … Continue reading Voice Drill Guide

P4Y: Vision 2030 Wall of Strengths 2016

The three key places in Hawaii that I treasure the most are the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH), Diamond Head in Honolulu, and the historic house of worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo (the Locale of Hawaii is the first to be established when the church started propagating God’s words from the Philippines to foreign lands).  This video brings several memories of the activities … Continue reading P4Y: Vision 2030 Wall of Strengths 2016

10 Facts on Rabies

Published by the World Health Organization in September 2017 – http://www.who.int/features/factfiles/rabies/en/ Rabies causes thousands of deaths every year in over 100 countries mostly affecting under-served communities with limited access to health and veterinary systems. Successful rabies control programs comprise of three pillars: community participation; education, public awareness, and access to mass vaccination of dogs; and access to post bite treatment.  Countries are responding to achieve the … Continue reading 10 Facts on Rabies