How to Pronounce “Papaya”

This video shows how we must have learned to pronounce the word PAPAYA. Pronouncing words (even the simplest) as little children learn how to talk is a challenging and an entertaining journey.  Dr. Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (from Howard’s “How babies learn to talk” in 2004), a noted infant language researcher, even declared that “language learning begins in the womb.”  So, how should parents support this … Continue reading How to Pronounce “Papaya”

Voice Drill Guide – CGC and Triads

A keyboard guide by JellSoL It is time for another voice drill guide.  I hope the first one has helped you master the general progression of triads when we do scales.  This video focuses on C to G back to C movement.  Different choir groups have different sounds or words for these notes.  Please feel free to follow the note progression in this video: C … Continue reading Voice Drill Guide – CGC and Triads

Thank you, CIS Staff.

An appreciation video by JellSoL   Thank you for this opportunity, CHOCO. I wish to thank all of these beautiful people. ALBERT, find inspiration from how you have witnessed me move from being a classroom teacher to being your library trainee.  My life as a teacher librarian has been a learning success mainly through your understanding and support.  Ganbatte, “Sasuke.” LORY, for all the titles … Continue reading Thank you, CIS Staff.

Rhythm in Music

A short music lesson by JellSoL You may wish to follow this video transcript: Let’s start with the main reason why every singer, choir member, and/or musician must know note values.  As emphasized in The Guardian in an article written by Marcus du Sautoy in 2011, he said “Certainly the grammar of music – rhythm and pitch – has mathematical foundations.”  This video focuses on … Continue reading Rhythm in Music

Voice Drill Guide

Please email me the name of any singer you know who does not do the octaves or voice drill before any performance.  Every smart and experienced singer knows its importance.  I even know of storytellers, presenters, and teachers who do the octaves before their speaking engagement.  One can browse the Internet for reasons experts share about the importance of these vocal exercises.  This video is … Continue reading Voice Drill Guide