The White Rose

The White Rose

by Amy Ewing (HarperCollinsPublishers, 2015)

  • We all have things we are ashamed of.
  • It’s not the outside of these circles that count.  They have hidden hearts, all of them.
  • If I can do anything to make a single life even a little better, isn’t that worth it?
  • Everything in this world has a life inside it.  Everything is connected.  Human beings, we think we’re so special because we can talk and think, as if having a mouth is the only way to speak, or having a brain is the only way to think.
  • … just a pack of idealistic morons, and we’ll live like cockroaches under a rock for the rest of our damned lives.
  • Nature is unselfish.  It only wishes to survive…  Nature is always searching for balance.
  • She wants someone to care about her, to like her best.  Her own mother refused to stay alive for her.  Those sorts of scars don’t heal easily.

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